Soft shadow refill diam.35mm Turquoise 2,5g Padidinti

Akių šešėlio refilas diam.35mm Turquoise 2,5g


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Micronized texture, soft and long-lasting.


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step 6/ Harmonize

Properties : micronized texture, very soft long-lasting makeup iridescent /nacre effect refill environmently firendly and economical allow a customized creation of harmonies

Application : Serge Louis Alvarez eye shadows can also be used as blush Apply the eye fixing base Serge Louis Alvarez for long lasting eye makeup. use the brush Serge Louis Alvarez n11 or n13. the result is soft, natural when dry. Humidified,the texture is creamy and the result is more intense. apply the blush with the blush brush Serge Louis Alvarez n26.

Mica: light refelctor Polymethylmetacrylate: smooth effect Silicone: velvet skin paraben-free phenoxyethanol-free PEG-free not tested on animals

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